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My name is Claudia, born and raised in Siena. I hold a diploma in Classics and a BA in Art History from the University of Siena. After serving as an intern at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, I attended a professional school for Tuscan tourism and became a licensed tour guide specialising in Siena and its provinces in 2015.

In 2021 I was awarded an additional license for trekking in the Tuscan countryside. I am a professional olive oil taster and I am about to become a sommelier. My family has owned the property Villa Santa Chiara since the early 1900s, and I am deeply involved in running the family business, including the production of olive oil, honey and the renting of holiday apartments located in the Villa.

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29 October 2022 18:41

We hired Claudia for a 3 hour tour of Siena. Claudia took me and my family to various different sites within the city in which she provided a detailed history of them all. Claudia is super friendly, knowledgeable, and was a joy as a guide. We would definitely re-book Claudia the next time we visit Tuscany.

22 October 2022 07:29

Io e Daniela siamo stati a San Gimignano a Luglio 2022, bellissima cittadina, “la citta’ delle torri”.
Siamo stati anche molto fortunati ad avere come guida turistica Claudia che ci ha fatto apprezzare la citta’ facendoci vedere luoghi che soli non li avremmo mai visti. Ci ha spiegato la storia della cittadina e le sue caratteristiche, sembrava, durante la sua spiegazione, di vivere quell’epoca.
Brava Claudia, complimenti. In primavera del 2023 io e Daniela andremo a visitare Siena e sicuramente chiederemo a Claudia di farci da guida.

21 October 2022 18:51

So I spent the day with Claudia, she is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to be with. Seems like she knows everybody and everybody knows her. Her knowledge of the history of Siena is amazing .would highly recommend her and she was definitely great to have as my tour guide.

Caleb Noel
15 October 2022 19:53

Claudia is an amazing guide for Siena. She kept the adults and children engaged through an incredible knowledge of Siena, its history, culture and stories. As a true local, she bring you into her world and experiences and helps you understand this amazing place through her own family experiences and history. Thank you Claudia!!

Tina Kinsella
13 October 2022 19:20

Claudia led a great tour for a group of us visiting Sierra as part of a cultural, wine tasting and walking holiday (with Exodus). She brought the history of Sienna alive, explaining about the contrada and the lives of the people as well as the beautiful sights.
It was lovely to hear about her own family connections.
Thank you Claudia – Tina

6 October 2022 19:49

Claudia is an exceptional guide.

We so enjoyed the tour.

It was informative and highly entertaining.

We look forward to returning to Sienna next year.

17 September 2022 09:37

Un tour davvero magnifico: alle sue grandi conoscenze storiche e artistiche Claudia ha saputo unire il suo amore per Siena, portandoci, nelle tre ore in cui siamo stati insieme, ad assaporare il gusto unico della “vita di contrada” che è l’essenza stessa del vivere in questa straordinaria città.

Nancy Neukamm
9 September 2022 10:03

We enjoyed a wonderful tour of Siena with Claudia! She is very knowledgeable about the history of the Duomo one of this ancient city’s jewels and gave us so many interesting details about it. We loved learning about the traditions of the neighborhood contrades and the Palio. 🦅The sense of family is so special and unique. I would recommend Claudia’s tour because you gain some understanding about all the historic things you are seeing.

9 August 2022 15:47

Claudia is a wonderful tour guide, she’s very passionate about her city and knows how to transfer this passion, we loved the two hours spend in her company and I recommend her for your Sienna visit

Arnhild Rake
29 July 2022 11:12

Me and my friends stayed at Claudia’s wonderful place villa Santa Chiara for one week, and also had a guided tour of Siena with her. We could not be happier! She is an amazing tour guide, so much knowledge both of the history of the city, and of the life of the city and area today. Her personal approach and stories from her life and her family’s history, made it to be an adventure to walk along this exciting city. She is also a very nice and lovely person. If you have the chance, book a tour of/and stay at… read more »

Jeff, Megan and Nikki
18 July 2022 03:58

Claudia’s tour was a highlight of our family vacation! Her personal approach, vast knowledge and passion for sharing the history and culture of Siena and its neighborhoods is a must. We absolutely fell in love with Siena and were amazed by it’s architectural beauty and traditions. She brought the tour to life with sharing stories from her childhood, of her family, and how the traditions are still strong to this day. Claudia is the perfect guide to take you through the city. We plan to return and will set up additional tours with her as our guide. Claudia, thank you… read more »

28 June 2022 21:02

Tre amiche in viaggio scelgono Siena per la loro vacanza. Il caso o la fortuna vogliono che la loro guida sia Claudia. Un pomeriggio di sole, tanta meraviglia e, a volte, anche un po’ di commozione grazie alle parole e all’entusiasmo di Claudia.
Così le tre amiche scoprono che per visitare Siena non basta un giorno…. E che avere una guida preparata, disponibile e appassionata fa davvero la differenza.

28 June 2022 15:21

Eccezionale guida appassionata ed appassionante. È stato un tour in cui ci siamo immersi nella Siena dal 1200 ad oggi. C’è chi dice di averla vista ad una cena nella contrada della Pantera. Nulla di più falso una cittina dell’aquila non frequenta quella contrada! Consigliatissima. Grazie dalla Fam. Manca

Peggie Fariss
23 May 2022 23:19

Cynthia Herr’s review is a marvelous recap of my experience with Claudia. She showed me the marvels of Siena over one afternoon and the following morning as only a native of this amazing town can do. And then she spent two full days introducing me to the stunning beauty of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. We had wonderful meals in the most charming and remarkable restaurants. We tasted wine from her cousin’s vineyard. You will not regret spending time with Claudia. She is well-educated, informed, and personable. Your only regret will be NOT being able to spend MORE time with her.… read more »

Joan Lewis
23 April 2022 19:41

My family and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with Claudia. She is passionate about her city and her outstanding background in art and history made the tour unique. We had a great time learning about the various contrade (Claudia is an Eagle) and how they all race for victory in the palio. In addition to her knowledgeable explanations of many aspects of the Duomo, we also appreciated her taking us to the smaller and lesser-known Basilica di San Francesco which was just beautiful. She made scheduling the tour very easy and she recommended restaurants and parking which was extremely helpful… read more »

Ashley Brummel
15 April 2022 22:13

FIVE STARS!!! My husband and I brought my children and parents to Italy for the first time, starting in Siena. Claudia is THE BEST tour guide. She knows so much about architecture, history, and artists that have contributed to Siena throughout history. She is such a proud Sienese citizen! We had Cofee in the building that her grandparents lived in for many years. She has many childhood memories there. She knows all the best places to eat, the best stores, the details of all hidden Siena gems. She was extremely patient and took time for my parents who have limited… read more »

Last edited 9 by Ashley Brummel
Vincenzo Di Clemente
6 April 2022 12:29

Io e mia moglie, pur avendo già visitato Siena, abbiamo deciso di contattare una guida per conoscere meglio le bellezze di questa città. Abbiamo conosciuto Claudia, ragazza simpaticissima e, cosa più importante, preparatissima su tutto che che riguarda la sua amatissima Siena. Con lei la visita è diventata un meraviglioso mix di arte, cultura, mitologia ed il tempo è trascorso senza che ce ne accorgessimo. Veramente molto, molto brava. Consigliamo vivamente un tour con lei se si vuole conoscere appieno Siena.
Vincenzo e Elisabetta

16 January 2022 21:44

Dear Claudia, we stayed October 2021 in your lovely and wonderful and so nice colorfull apartment. We had such a good time. And this was also because of the guided tour with you in your hometown Sienna. You know everything about your town, little things and the long history. We didn’t have a really good idea what’s the Palio means to Sienna und his people before you told us so much interesting things. Palio is not for us the tourist but it’s for the people who lives in Sienna very important. Thank you for giving us such a great impression… read more »

Cynthia Herr
9 November 2021 08:46

Claudia’s tour truly brought Siena to life for us!  As someone who grew up there and still lives there, as well as a super-intelligent and charming tour guide with advanced degrees in art and history, Claudia was able to show us the places that illustrated her story of Siena’s ancient history, as well as Siena’s current day thriving character. Not only did Claudia show us Siena’s beautiful cathedral with its 14th century inlaid marble mosaics, but we stopped by the art studio and met her artist friend who has been restoring those marble mosaics for years! As Claudia explained the history of the 17… read more »

30 October 2021 21:57

Quattro ore a Siena con la nostra Claudia ci hanno fatto scoprire angoli nascosti e storie di una città bellissima ancora legata alle sue più antiche tradizioni.
La visita inaspettata agli archivi di stato è stata una vera chicca.
Claudia è talmente innamorata della sua città, delle sue tradizioni, delle sue storie che non può che contagiarti con la sua passione.
Se state pensando di fare un tour a Siena dovete contattarla!!

Alessandra e Stefano.

19 September 2021 09:18

Grazie Claudia!
Grazie per averci fatto conoscere Siena e la sua storia, per averci trasmesso L’amore per la tua città. Con il
Tuo modo appassionato abbiamo visto Siena come mai prima.
Ti consiglieremo a chi vorrà recarsi in visita in questo meraviglioso luogo

Giulia e Mattia

Valeria Pritoni
27 August 2021 18:29

Con un gruppo di amiche, ho visitato Siena, in compagnia di una guida d’eccezione: Claudia Cesa. È una profonda conoscitrice della città, colta e appassionata e ci ha fatto entrare Siena nel cuore, tanto che ci siamo scambiate la promessa di ritornare presto. L’amore che dimostra e che sa trasmettere per la sua città è da Siena meritato, veramente un luogo d’incanto.

Andrea Novelli
25 August 2021 09:28

Grande guida. Profonda conoscitrice della sua amata città che trasmette con grande passione.
Consigliatissima per vedere e conoscere una bellissima città non solo con gli occhi.
Brava brava

Valerie and family
19 August 2021 22:01

We were so lucky to have a 3 hours tour of Siena with Claudia. It was an amazing way to discover the city and its traditions. Claudia is definitely a part of the walls and speaks about her town and history with great passion. We were with our two teenagers and the four of us absolutely enjoyed this time with her.
Thanks a thousand Claudia for this beautiful time that made us appreciate even more your so so lovely city

Russell Salvatore
19 August 2021 03:22

Wow. We were referred to Claudia by a neighbor of hers and we spent three hours learning about Siena, the Palio, Duomo and many other things that only a local would know. Claudia’s knowledge comes from her being a native Sienese and she has the luxury of generations of knowledge. I would highly recommend Claudia as she lives and breathes Siena. Fantastic

Way Ying Lee
15 August 2021 11:37

We spend a lovely week at the Villa Chiara and met Claudia. She gave us a tour in Siena and this was one of the highlights of our summerholiday. We highly recommend going on a tour with Claudi, especially at the beginning of your stay, because in the days after the tour you’ll look at Siena with different eyes. Not only knows does Claudia tell a lot about the history she is also a local and her family is from Siena and she shares this experience too. This experience made me see the value of a good tourguide : to… read more »

Stefano Evangelisti
19 July 2021 09:34

Siamo ritornati a Siena dopo diversi anni e abbiamo deciso di visitare il Duomo accompagnati da una guida. Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di incontrare Claudia, empatica, competente, preparata, curiosa, innamorata della sua città.
Con lei la visita si è trasformata in un incontro speciale, dove arte, cultura, racconti mitologici, ma anche di artisti e opere, si sono intrecciati perfettamente.
Brava, brava, brava!
Consigliamo vivamente un tour con lei.

Marilena e Stefano
Siena, 12 luglio 2021

Cristina Prelli Bozzo
16 June 2021 22:44

Ho visitato molte volte Siena. Alcuni giorni fa ci sono tornata con alcuni amici e abbiamo deciso di contattare una guida per fare un tour in città. Così abbiamo conosciuto Claudia che ci ha guidati in una visita molto interessante facendoci scoprire la sua città con dettagli e aneddoti storici che ci hanno affascinato.
Claudia è molto preparata e soprattutto ama la sua città. Consiglio a chiunque voglia scoprire Siena di contattarla.

Last edited 1 by Cristina Prelli Bozzo
15 June 2021 23:48

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Io e il mio ragazzo abbiamo avuto il piacere di visitare Siena per la prima volta accompagnati da Claudia. Guidati dai suoi racconti legati all’infanzia e alle tradizioni locali siamo subito entrati nell’atmosfera di questa splendida città e ci è sembrato di tornare indietro nel tempo contagiati dal suo entusiasmo. Grazie all’esperienza di Claudia in 3 ore siamo riusciti a visitare molto, dedicando un’oretta anche al Duomo. Se non fosse stato per lei sicuramente avremmo visitato la città con altri occhi, non dando il giusto peso alle sue antiche usanze legate al Palio e in generale alle contrade che… read more »

8 June 2021 00:24

Io e i miei fratelli abbiamo avuto il piacere di esplorare le bellezze di Siena tramite l’esperta guida di Claudia. La mattinata e’ letteralmente volata; paseggiando per le viuzze della citta’ la storia e le tradizioni del posto ci venivano man mano raccontate. Un esperienza irrinunciabile per chi volesse immergersi nel fantastico mondo del palio, o volesse godere appieno dei tesori contenuti all’interno del Duomo.
Durante l’intero soggiorno Claudia si e’ dimostrata gentilissima e disponibile a consigliarci locali e ristoranti. Risultato: una esperienza positiva sotto ogni punto di vista

27 April 2021 17:26

We were very lucky to have a 4 hours long tour of Siena guided by Claudia. Her knowledge of Siena is very deep, possibly also because her own family roots go back a very long time in the history of Siena. We are an artist couple from Latvia, we were curious about the history, art and also architecture of Tuscany. Claudia has a degree in the History of Art and she could answer all our questions in a great depth. We found particularly fascinating her accounts of a unique Siena tradition, Palio. There would be no chance to discover Siena… read more »

14 December 2020 23:48

My husband, myself and two friends took Claudia’s tour last November. It was absolutely wonderful. We would never have seen all the beautiful sights in Siena and out in the countryside if we had tried to do it ourselves. Claudia’s knowledge of her city gives a great prospective of the history and the people. She was also able to connect us with a guide in Florence which made that part of our trip very special. We are thankful to Claudia for making our vacation a once in a lifetime experience.

Paola Picchi
13 October 2020 11:18

Grazie Claudia !!! Visitare il Duomo e scoprire Siena con te è stato veramente un piacere, la tua competenza e la tua cordialità hanno reso perfetta una giornata già meravigliosa.

Davide Pepi
11 October 2020 15:32

Ci siamo affidati a Claudia praticamente per ogni visita guidata che abbiamo intrapreso a Siena! L’ultima è stata ai pavimenti scoperti del Duomo ed averla fatta con lei ha fatto davvero la differenza! Sempre puntuale e preparata, mai noiosa e disponibile a raccontare tante curiosità sulle opere della nostra città!

9 October 2020 16:53

Claudia é uma guia preparada, profissional, simpática e apaixonada por o que faz! Fala da sua Siena com intimidade apresentando aqueles pequenos detalhes que fazem o todo fazer sentido! E que me fez entender e lembrar de tudo! E além de tudo tem um sorriso sincero! Foi um dia incrível! Grazie Claudia!

Maria Valiani
9 October 2020 09:26

Great job Claudia! Very professional and competent , ready for any question. Thank you!

8 October 2020 20:51

My family and I had a wonderful day in Siena during Palio period. Claudia told us about the city and the stories of the local people showing beautiful sites and landscapes. She explained in an engaging and simple way. During our 4 hours tour we visited the most popular and unpopular places of the city. Thank you Claudia for the amazing day.

Michela Moretti
8 October 2020 12:23

Io e la mia famiglia siamo stati a Siena a fine agosto,Claudia ci ha accompagnato nella visita a Siena, molto preparata ,cordiale , professionale ……grazie Claudia.. bellissima esperienza!!

Gabriele Schininà
3 October 2020 23:38

Siamo stati a Siena soltanto un giorno, ma grazie a Claudia siamo riusciti, in poche ore, a visitare il duomo e i suoi pavimenti, e tutta la città.
È stata un’esperienza unica che è andata molto oltre le aspettative. Abbiamo scoperto la grande storia della città di Siena e le tradizioni secolari del popolo senese.

Grazie Claudia!

Susan Stafford
20 January 2020 18:42

Our family of three visited in October and enjoyed a guided three hour tour of Siena with Claudia. We absolutely loved our time with her. The pride she has in her country, region, and province was very evident and contagious. From the flags on display to the uncovered marble floor in the cathedral, it was the perfect mix of walking, history, and tastings. Thank you for sharing your passion of the city with us, Claudia. We hope to return again soon.

Nick and Michelle Bisconti
29 November 2019 22:19

We were in Siena in early June and had the pleasure of a tour of the city with Claudia as our guide. The experience was wonderful. Her knowledge and passion for her city was contagious, whether touring the cathedra!, discussing the Palio, or just walking along Siena’s beautiful streets. We plan on visiting Siena again, hopefully to see the Palio live. Thank you, Claudia!

Terry Govostes
22 November 2019 02:40

We traveled to Italy for the first time this Sept. and at the Frances and Franco from Frances Lodge, we took a private tour of Siena with Claudia. I must say, “She is the Best”!! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about everything Siena. Her warm personality, knowledge, and experiences were captivating during our whole 3 hour tour. We learned all about the Palio, and all the pride of every contrada. because Claudia introduced us to intimate details about Siena and Palio that we would not have experienced otherwise. She showed us classic structures and shared intimate details how the… read more »

Vanessa M Retter
20 November 2019 17:39

We had the pleasure of Claudia giving us a tour of Sienna by recommendation of Frances Lodge. She has an indepth knowledge of the city, her roots are deep therefore she is well known in the community. She has a wonderful way of telling the story of the city and Palio days. She drew us in to a cultural experience that was incredibly unique and full of details but we could never quite understand since we weren’t locals. The locals are the gem and she helps you see that. Claudia is one of my favorite parts of the trip and… read more »

20 November 2019 01:05

When the host of Frances Lodge asked us who was our guide for the Siena tour and we replied with Claudia, he announced, “oh! She is the best!” We strongly agree. Claudia introduced us to intimate details about Siena and Palio that we would not have experienced otherwise. She showed us classic structures and also hidden gems–people as well as structures and art. Her first-hand knowledge of the city is impressive, and her warm personality and impeccable repuration makes her and her guests welcomed by all. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with her! Even after we departed ways we followed… read more »

Carrie and Rick Vallacchi
17 November 2019 23:57

We were lucky to visit Siena at the end of September and even luckier to have a 3 hour private tour with Claudia, who in our opinion was the best!! She is extremely knowledgeable in everything Siena and even more enthusiastic to share her knowledge and experiences with us. We heard about St Katherine, the Palio, and all the pride of every contrada, but especially, Aquila! We met Amelio, who spent his career restoring the beautiful marble tile work in the Duomo. We saw the best views from inside the the walls! As a bonus, we even got to try… read more »

Christine Riley
16 November 2019 04:53

Bonjourno, Our tour with Claudia one the only one we didn’t book ourselves. She was recommended by our wonderful B&B hosts at the Frances Lodge. To say we were not disappointed is an understatement. First of all, it was pouring down rain and windy much of the tour. That didn’t dampen Claudia’s enthusiasm as our tour guide and her knowledge and passion made the tour so interesting and fun, rain and all. It was truly amazing as she led us through this wonderful city and we saw so much we would never have even thought to view had we not… read more »

Koo Family
12 November 2019 21:14

Our family took a trip to Italy in May 2019, visiting Venice and Tuscany region. We had several private tour guides , mostly arranged by ourselves. Claudia was a wonderful surprise and the best one who was highly recommended by Franca and Franco of Frances Lodge Relais . According to this lovely couple, we’ll regret for missing a tour in Siena. So, they book a half-day private tour for us with Claudia and it was a joy. In addition to her friendliness, dedication and knowledge, it was her passion for Tuscany and Siena impressed us the most. We feel that,… read more »

Joseph Equale
12 November 2019 15:28

Four of us were referred to Claudia by our hosts in Siena and their recommendation to tour with Claudia was spot on. We asked to concentrate on the Palio because our tour coincided with the celebrations surrounding the August race. But, in addition to touring the Contratas (neighborhoods) and learning about the traditions surrounding the race and festivities, we hit the highlights of the classical features of the city. The tour was enjoyable, so much so that the four of us adopted Claudia’s Contrata (Aguilar: Eagle) as our own to root for in next years’ two races (July and August);… read more »

Randall and Mary Short
12 November 2019 15:18

We visited Sienna in May of this year, 2019, we a walking tour of the city with Claudia on May 15th .
the tour was great, she showed all over the city and into areas we would have never thought to visit, and really enjoyed the tour.
Claudia knows the city very well and has wonderful insight into the traditions and neighborhoods of Sienna.
We would highly recommend her for a tour of the city.

Neil Moses-Zirkes
11 November 2019 22:52

Our B&B host recommended Claudia and she exceeded all of our expectations. She was knowledgeable and thorough, while telling very entertaining stories. Our trip to Siena wouldn’t have been complete without her tour. She brought the city to life and helped us understand its unique culture, people and history. Don’t visit the city without taking one of her tours…you won’t be disapointed.

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