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My name is Claudia Cesa, born and raised in Siena. I hold a diploma in Classics and a BA in Art History from the University of Siena. After serving as an intern at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, I attended a professional school for Tuscan tourism and I became a licensed tour guide in 2015. In 2021 I was awarded an additional license for hiking in the Tuscan countryside.

In addition, in 2016 I was awarded the title of Official Olive Oil Taster from the AICOO ( Associazione italiana conoscere l’olio d’oliva) and in 2023 I became an AIS ( Associazione Italiana Sommelier) professional wine sommelier.

My family has owned the property Villa Santa Chiara since the early 1900s, and I am deeply involved in running the family business, including the production of olive oil and the renting of holiday apartments located in the Villa.

Siena and Province tours

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While I usually work as a freelance, I also cooperate on a regular basis with:


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Peter Fisher
15 July 2024 12:19

We love working with Claudia, she has looked after lots of our clients visiting Siena over the past few years. The time they spend with Claudia is often a highlight of their trip to Italy. Grazie mille!

Annalisa e Igor
14 July 2024 16:21

Abbiamo trovato il nome di Claudia su una guida della Lonely Planet che la consigliava come miglior guida per visitare Siena. Per raccontare la nostra esperienza con lei poche righe non bastano. Si capisce subito che conosce bene la sua città con la sua storia e la sua arte. In quello che fa non c’è solo conoscenza ma tanta passione. Ci ha accompagnato tra le contrade ed i suoi vicoli raccontandoci la storia di Siena e del Palio. Grazie ancora Claudia per questa bella esperienza che ci ha fatto apprezzare Siena anche nei giorni che l’abbiamo visitata da soli.

3 July 2024 11:05

As a young backpacker on a tight budget, I was uneasy spending money on a private tour, however my goodness it was the best decision I made all trip!! Claudia is absolutely fantastic. Her depth of knowledge and charisma made the experience so engaging and she covered so many intricate details across the town that I feel other guides would not even know about. Her network of connections she has with people here in Siena also made for spontaneous little cameos into private workshops and spaces that I will never forget. Kudos to Claudia, 10/10!

30 June 2024 18:38

We challenged Claudia with a 3 generation family tour of Siena that included a 2 year old, as well as an unexpectedly heavy rain a few days before the Palio. Nonetheless, she persevered with energy and enthusiasm and easily transmitted her knowledge and love of the city. We especially enjoyed seeing the history brought to life by visiting her Aquila contrada museum and church. She recommended a local restaurant that worked well for the 2 year old as well. Grazie, Claudia!

17 June 2024 22:08

I can’t say enough good things about Claudia Cesa! She was the BEST tour guide and gave our group the most informative and passionate history/tour of beautiful medieval Siena. Her knowledge of the walled historic city comes from a long family history in Siena. My whole family is looking forward to streaming the Palio races in July and August because of Claudia’s description of what this race means to all of Siena. I am looking forward to my next trip to Tuscany, and of course will be calling Claudia again for more tours!!

Greg Gustafson
15 June 2024 22:14

Our time with Claudia was truly one of the highlights of our two-week trip throughout Italy! She is an outstanding Guide with a deep understanding of Siena and Tuscany, history, culture, and so many other aspects which she skillfully shared. Claudia didn’t just pass on facts, she brought Siena to life, including the unique aspects of the Palio and the art in the Siena Cathedral. Her English is flawless and she communicates skillfully. I only wish that we had more time with Claudia, and the next time we’re back in Italy, we’ll plan to meet up with her again. Thank… read more »

2 June 2024 12:50

Claudia is fantastic! She’s so knowledgeable, engaging and held the attention of our young children too. We enjoyed learning more about the contrade with her deep Aquila roots, a truly special experience with someone that also loves her beautiful city and rich history. We took her tour after my parents and sisters raved about the experience.

Francesca marchetti
20 May 2024 13:17

Claudia e’ una guida bravissima preparata e professionale. Trasmette il suo amore per l’ arte coinvolgendoti e trasportandoti nelle meraviglie più conosciute e sconosciute.Io e mia figlia siamo state onorate di aver trascorso del tempo con lei visitando il duomo di Siena.Grazie Claudia!!!

19 May 2024 22:29

Claudia was a wonderful guide for our tour of San Gimignano! Her knowledge of the town’s history, as well as Tuscany in general, was evident during our time with her. I definitely recommend Claudia as a Tuscan tour guide!

Peter Nielsen
17 May 2024 16:35

We spent three weeks in Italy, and the two hours we spent with Claudia on walking tour of Siena was a highlight of the whole trip. Claudia has extensive knowledge, history and enthusiasm and her tour was excellent. We saw and learned things that we would never have done on our own. The tour far exceeded our expectations. Thank you Claudia!

Theresa Neff
1 May 2024 21:50

“Touring Siena with was like stepping into a fairytale! We wandered through ancient streets, learning cool stuff about the city from our guide. We saw awesome places like Piazza del Campo and Siena Cathedral. She even told us about the Palio, this famous horse race they have, and the rivalry between the different neighborhoods called contrade, like the iquila one. It was a super fun and educational adventure!
You will love this tour with Claudia!

Mark Hoenes
1 May 2024 21:40

My friends and I booked Claudia to tour the Duomo and Siena. She was very informative and passionate about the history of these fabulous places. I highly recommend her services.

Tom Neff
1 May 2024 20:57

We had an incredible tour with Claudia. I would recommend her tours for anyone visiting Siena. She is very fun and knowledgeable about all things related to the Siena architecture and history. She is from Siena and thus provides great insight to the culture of this great city and what it is like to live here. She also provides many very good suggestions regarding activities beyond her tour – wine tasting, dining, etc.

Mr. Jean-Louis Evans
1 May 2024 19:03

We spent a morning with Claudia a couple of weeks ago and she gave us a very personal tour of Siena. As she describes on her website Claudia’s family has lived in Siena for many generations and she is passionate about her heritage. This was evident as she showed us many parts of Siena that are not part of the standard tour of the city, laced with many anecdotes. In particular, her description of the Contrade of Siena, their history and the competition between them for the famed Palio races must be second to none and was enthralling. We could… read more »

Traci Rigsbee
5 April 2024 22:37

Claudia brought her passion, knowledge, and story telling ability to our tour of Siena. She kept the pace and information flowing in a way that worked beautifully for our three generation group. Both my mother and teenage daughter’s interests were met as we toured the lovely city. Claudia was able to take us down side streets that were virtually empty and tell stories that brought the history of Siena, and the places we visited within the city, to life. We enjoyed meeting Claudia’s friends along the way as we went to shops and restaurants owned by local friends of hers.… read more »

2 April 2024 08:49

Nel weekend della Pasqua 2024 io e la mia compagna abbiamo avuto la fortuna di incontrare Claudia . È stata tutta una piacevolissima sorpresa trovare una guida di Siena così preparata coinvolgente e competente . Oltre al tour di Siena storico ci ha fatto conoscere un mondo incredibile dietro alla storia del Palio di Siena . È carinissima e coinvolgente , la consiglio veramente a chiunque !

Ugo Patroni Griffi
2 April 2024 08:40

Guida eccezionale. Gentile, informata e simpatica ci ha fatto conoscere aspetti sconosciuti della città. Anche i ragazzi sono stati rapiti dal racconto di Claudia

John Zimmerman
25 January 2024 08:16

I am a Humanities teacher in the US. I brought a pack of students studying Dante, the Medicis, and Tuscan culture to Florence for two weeks to continue the academic part of our 4-week intensive. For one of our days, we went to Siena, where we met Claudia for our tour of the cathedral, Palio, the city, and many other aspects of Siena. There is one phrase I’d use to describe the experience: A TREAT! WHAT A TREAT! My students have raved about it. From her deep knowledge of all things Siena, to the time and care she gave us… read more »

Pier Francesco
24 January 2024 10:18

Con un gruppo di ragazzi abbiamo visitato il Duomo di Siena assieme a Claudia, che si è dimostrata estremamente competente, preparata, empatica e disponibile con tutti noi per domande e approfondimenti! Visita ricca di piacevoli curiosità, all’insegna del calore che è riuscita a trasmetterci durante il tempo assieme. Grazie!!

Giovanni Petrina
6 January 2024 08:51

Il 2 gennaio, insieme ad amici, ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere e apprezzare la competenza e la professionalità di Claudia, che ci ha guidato all’interno del Palazzo Pubblico di Siena. Abbiamo ascoltato con vero interesse la storia e le complesse dinamiche del Palio, che Claudia ha fatto rivivere con passione e coinvolgimento. Grazie davvero! Giovanni Petrina

5 January 2024 17:34

Ieri,io,mia moglie e mio cognato, abbiamo visitato il Duomo e le zone limitrofe con la guida Claudia Cesa. Il percorso fatto è stato sempre caratterizzato da professionalità e simpatia. Claudia, senza mai annoiare con inutili descrizioni, ha saputo sintetizzare gli aspetti salienti e, magari poco conosciuti, sia del Duomo sia della città riuscendo a dare una visione chiara ed esaustiva in tutta la visita. Inoltre ha saputo suscitare curiosità ed interesse anche parlando del Palio spiegandoci l’importanza che assume, nella città, nei rapporti tra le contrade. Pertanto ritengo che una visita guidata con Claudia sia la migliore cosa se si… read more »

4 January 2024 18:04

Oggi, io e la mia famiglia abbiamo avuto il piacere di visitare il Duomo di Siena, Piazza del Campo e vie circostanti con Claudia Cesa, impagabile guida che ci ha illustrato anche la complessa preparazione del Palio e l’importanza delle Contrade! E’stata una visita molto interessante e piacevole!
Brava Claudia! Alla prossima visita!

Mauricio Tortolero
5 December 2023 19:53

Hello. My wife and I met Claudia during a personalized tour of Siena. She was very outgoing and knowledgeable of her city, its region and the history involving the two. Not only did we learn a lot from her about this, but also about daily life in Siena, its people, local shops and customs. We look forward to visiting Siena again to take another tour with Claudia and to stay in the beautiful home/apartment that she runs with her family.

Sandra & Rob
19 November 2023 15:01

Claudia totally exceeded our expectations by leading us through an intimate tour of Sienna that truly bought the city to life, its history and culture. We highly recommend Claudia and thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with her!

14 November 2023 11:33

Quando avrete la fortuna di visitare Siena, considerate una grandissima fortuna poterlo fare con Claudia: sorridente, precisa, premurosa, è la quintessenza della senesità più solare. Non c’è must see, curiosità o posticino di pregio che le sfugga. Sa davvero tutto. Di recente, poi, ha persino in serbo qualche sorpresa molto… contradaiola. E vi farà pensare che, forse, trasferirsi a Siena… e perché no?!

Ann Friou
2 November 2023 14:52

We SO enjoyed our tour with Claudia. It was the highlight of our visit to Sienna. Claudia’s knowledge of the art, architecture, and history of her hometown was deep, personal, passionate, and fascinating. She is an extraordinarily talented guide and made us feel that we were welcome in Siena.

Patrizia Riservato
16 October 2023 19:26

Con un gruppo di 11 amici abbiamo prenotato la visita guidata al pavimento del duomo di Siena tramite Opera laboratori e guide siena incontrando Claudia Cesa che ci ha introdotti alla storia e meraviglie delle tarsie ed altre straordinarie opere d arte del Duomo che ci ha molto emozionati ! La sua grazia competenza e passione ci hanno incantati! L abbiamo invitata a venirci a trovare a Genova per i Rolli days, perche’ la sua amicizia ci rende orgogliosi. Grazie di cuore! Patrizia & friends Genova With 11 friends we met Claudia Cesa for a guided tour of the splendors… read more »

16 October 2023 18:59

I have been on two wonderful day tours of Siena with Claudia and she is just amazing!! So full of knowledge, passion and love for her city and work. I could not recommend her more highly. You will get a real insite into the true Sienese people and their amazing heritage that still now plays a big part of everyday living in Siena. This is an experience not to be missed.

Tom Weber
11 October 2023 20:20

We traveled to Italy with friends of ours in Sept 2021. We stayed at the Villa Santa Chiara and had Claudia as a our tour guide for two days in Siena. We can not say enough good things about our stay or our time with Claudia. Her local knowledge is unbeatable, as she was raised and still lives in Siena. Her grace, humor, charm and friendliness were amazing. She is a wonderful lady. We would highly recommend using her for tours of Siena and the surrounding region, and we are already planning our return trip and hope to be back… read more »

1 October 2023 14:38

My husband Jim and I took a tour of Siena with Claudia. She is such a wealth of knowledge and so passionate about her city, her people and her culture. It was absolutely infectious. She is so knowledgeable about Italian and specifically, Sienese history. We only had a few hours but we will be back. Her family roots run deep in Siena and her goal is to share the beauty and magic of this captivating city with all that she comes in contact with. Thank you Claudia! We look forward to spending time with you again – hopefully hiking in… read more »

Marsha B
26 September 2023 23:23

I visited Siena in August of 2021, and Claudia was our guide for the day…what a lovely and brilliant young lady, and so willing to share all of her knowledge! I even asked to purchase some local honey from her when I discovered that bees were kept at her family villa, and so kindly and generously, she delivered them to the hotel where I stayed. I remembered this gift recently while reviewing some photos from the trip, and contacted her to thank her, as I was not present for the honey delivery…better late than never. You will love doing business… read more »

Dave Paterson
20 September 2023 16:31

We had a wonderful day with Claudia in Siena. Fun , interesting and very knowledgeable of the City and its history. Highest marks!

Oksana Accame
20 September 2023 09:57

Famiglia Accame
Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di avere come nostra guida per la città di Siena Claudia.
é stata una guida preparata e professionale.
Abbiamo fatto un giro molto interessante e Claudia è stata disponibile a farci vedere posti più insoliti e particolari per il turista.
La consigliamo vivamente!!!

Patti C Rogers
25 August 2023 20:02

I have been meaning to put this review from an email I sent to you in May on your website! My husband Steve and I had a private tour with you on May 5th. We had a wonderful day. Your knowledge and expertise was truly a highlight of our visit to Siena! We would have never known about Siena’s Palio Contrada Neighborhoods & the Horse Races (July2 &Aug16) as an example! We went back and purchased a box of the delicious Almond Cookies from IL Magnifico. Many thanks again for a great day. Would love to come back and stay… read more »

Sarah Meek
22 August 2023 21:50

Would highly recommend Claudia! She was great with our elementary age kids. Because of her tour Siena was one of our family’s favorite spots!! It was such a great experience. Thank you!

Jessica Howard
27 July 2023 03:34

From the moment we met Claudia, her passion for Sienna’s heritage and Il Palio was evident. She greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm, immediately setting the tone for what turned out to be an unforgettable adventure. Her in-depth knowledge of the city’s history and traditions was impressive, and her genuine love for the members of her community was beautiful.  She went above and beyond to help organize an experience for us to eat dinner with her contrada the night before Il Palio. It was an experience my family and I will never forget!

Chris Inman
19 July 2023 20:52

We visited Siena for Il Palio and Claudia was such a wonderful hostess. She gave us a tour of the city that was very informative. She is so knowledgeable about her city and we were lucky enough to be introduced to a local artist, Emilo, who has spent his life restoring the marble floors of Siena’s great Cathedral. She also gave us an incredible education about the Palio. The entire Palio week is fascinating and it was such a pleasure to hear about this from a local. It is hard to explain how important this event is to the local… read more »

Charlotte Crawford
16 July 2023 11:19

We had the most informative and interesting tour with Claudia on Thursday 13th July. Her knowledge is immense, historically and culturally but not only that she made the 2 hours spent with her walking around Siena fun. All the questions we asked she knew the answers without hesitation also growing up in Siena she was so helpful in making us make the best use of our time in her glorious city. A gem of a guide and person.

Ken Heft
11 July 2023 16:33

We took the classic Siena tour with Claudia a few weeks ago and highly recommend her tour. This was our first time ever doing a walking tour of a city and we were a little hesitant, given we had already walked the town and thought we had a good understanding of it. Seeing Siena through her eyes was a completely different experience. We had no idea how much we were missing without the expertise of a knowledgeable tour guide.

Diane Morgan
11 July 2023 09:19

We met with Claudia the day of the Paleo and it added so much to the experience. Her knowledge of the traditions of the event and personal experiences really made the Paleo that much more special. She was also able to navigate us around the city, with all the shortcuts so we were able to embrace many special moments of the day as she shared the rich history of it with personal passion. And she successfully navigated us to the last entrance of the race before the start – excellent tour!

Natalie Wood
9 July 2023 11:43

We had an excellent tour of Siena with Claudia! Her knowledge, storytelling ability, and passion for her hometown are unmatched. You will finish the tour feeling very immersed in the culture. Thank you, Claudia!

9 July 2023 11:42

My family had the pleasure of recently taking a Siena tour with Claudia! She was so informative and really opened our eyes to the Palio culture and the competitive pride each neighborhood has. She was also helpful with parking and restaurant recommendations! She speaks perfect English.

Taylor Family
4 July 2023 14:47

Claudia’s tour was just amazing! We didn’t have any prior knowledge of Siena and she really helped our family fall in love with her city. She had so much pride and passion telling us all about Siena’s history, their Contrada and their Palio, it was infectious. One day we hope to be back to experience the Palio is person!

Sydney Hynes
30 June 2023 02:25

We were visiting Italy for our Honeymoon, and it would not have been as magical as it was without Claudia. She was incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about Siena, and her tour was truly one of our favorite days. She gave us a true glimpse into the beautiful and rich history of Siena, and even told us about some local spots to enjoy after the tour that we would not have found without her! She is so kind and warm and we had an amazing time with her, we would recommend her to anyone visiting the area, it’s so worth it!

4 June 2023 22:20

Had a great tour with Claudia today. We loved Siena 😍

David Brown
30 May 2023 17:30

A big thank you to Claudia for giving myself and my students such an informative tour of Siena. The tour was filled with great information and detail, and Claudia really did go above and beyond in providing insight to such an amazing town. We will definitely return to Siena and hope to work with Claudia again! Many thanks! Dave Brown

26 May 2023 08:56

We had no preconceptions about our tour of Sienna, and I don’t usually write reviews. But Claudia’s passion for her town and culture was palpable, and I must encourage you to spend the time to tour with her. Claudia opened up a whole world that was unknown to us. She wove centuries of rivalries, religion, sports, tradition and family together in a very personal tour. Highly recommended. In fact, I would almost say it is mandatory to appreciate your stay in Sienna fully.

Lisa and J-M, Canada

Franco e Maria Angela Zirilli - Milano
24 May 2023 18:48

17 maggio 2023. Siena, piove a tratti ma le parole di Claudia sono solari, chiare, professionali, appassionanti. Brava Claudia continua così avrai molto successo professionale.

Anna Purk
23 May 2023 21:44

Claudia took our family of 6 on a 2 hour private tour Siena. She shared the history of the Duomo and then the contradas. She did a great job at telling the stories of the city and was able to answer any and every question we had. She was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. She has provided suggestions for other towns we’re visiting and been a gracious host. Thank you Claudia!

Roz White
19 May 2023 09:29

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour around Siena with Claudia. It felt personal and tailored just for us. Claudia is an absolute delight, full of knowledge and knows every inch of the area having grown up in Siena. It was a fascinating and enjoyable 2+hour tour and I would highly recommend Claudia as a tour guide of choice.

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