Hiking in Tuscany

My love for nature brought me to become an official Tuscan Trekker in April 2021. After growing up in the countryside, I have now learned to explore more and more trekking paths and have become familiar with the
local flora, fauna, geology, and botany. I have walked around the gorgeous national parks located in Tuscany with other hiking guides and have tried several different itineraries across our uncontaminated countryside that I would now love to share with tourists. Although I
am quite busy as a Siena tour guide and manager of my family business at Villa Santa Chiara, I would be delighted to make plans with you for some hiking around the stunning Sienese landscape.

Please notice that all tours are custom-tailored: we can take a short walk in the immediate surroundings of Siena or engage in some serious trekking elsewhere in Tuscany; we can spend just a couple of hours taking a stroll along a flat route across the countryside, or hike one hill after the other, all day long: your choice. What I do guarantee, in any case, is breathtaking views and the sight of the most typical –
and unique – traits of the Sienese and Tuscan landscape.

Project Le Caldanelle

In our property Le Caldanelle, not far from Siena, an archaeologist group called Odysseus has been excavating in the medieval site since 2018. Le Caldanelle was a thermal stop; according to the documents from the State Archive in Siena, Pope Pius
II (Enea Silvio Piccolomini, the famous humanist) was one of the customers! The archaeologists have brought to light part of the ancient city walls and gate, a number of coins and ceramics, and what looks like the thermal baths themselves. Let’s go and take a look! Custom pricing based on the length of the visit and the number of participants

Info and Booking

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