My Bio Products

Organic Olive Oil​

Villa Santa Chiara, a former convent originally built in the 1600’s just outside the gate “Porta Romana”, will welcome you with an excellent organic olive oil that my family has produced since the early 1900’s. The property is conveniently located a few hundred yards from the city walls of Siena. We own about 500 olive trees, and every year we prune them and take care of them with organic fertilizers only. Then, in the fall, we collect the olives and go to the oil mill “Etrusco” in Murlo. Here, we sit down and wait for the fresh and spicy olive oil to be squeezed out of the harvest: enjoy that great moment with us!

Vegetable Garden at Villa Santa Chiara​

I’ve learned from my grandfather how to plant and grow many types of salad, tomatoes, zucchini, artichokes, green beans, beet, aubergine, pepper plants, onions, garlic, broccoli, and many herbs; hard job, but very satisfying.


My recent passion, being a beekeeper and honey producer. I take care of two hives, thousands of bees working hard around Villa Santa Chiara: I love all of them! First honey production in October 2020 from ivy, then during the 2021 season I took very good wildflower honey; can’t wait for the next one.

Last experiment: VINSANTO!

In 2020 we let dry some Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes from Montepulciano from September to December in a ventilated area…then now we wait 4 years for the best sweet wine in Tuscany.