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I’m back

Hello, I’m back!

I have been busy the last months, I have been working all summer with nice tourists in Siena and in the province; most of them were from America and wrote kind reviews about my tours; I thank all of them, and I hope to continue this job that I love, in particular because people can feel my passion, as I was born and raised here, and I’m very pleased to let them discover our beauties and I never stop studying sienese art.

Then in autumn, I took part as grape harvester at Le Chiuse winery, and I selected with my friends and family different grapes for the Riserva, Brunello and Rosso; their wine was very much appreciated also at the recent “Benvenuto Brunello” the preview show of red wine in Montalcino.  If you want, I can organize a tour at the winery with my cousin Lorenzo, the owner, that can show you the vineyards, the cellars and offer you an excellent tasting of their wine. We did also the olive harvest at our property in Siena, and we produced high quality of our biologic olive oil, that I hope you will taste this summer with us. I became an official oil taster of the second level after a course and exam, tasting different olive oils from all of Italy and the world. I can offer you a tasting of our oil in a way you would not expect and you never tried before!

Recently I became a licensed tour guide of Firenze and its province, after having attended a specific course with other tour guides with specific lessons. I learnt about archaeology, the origins of the city, and the history of the Medici family that involved many artists, like the most known Michelangelo, Raffaello and Leonardo during the complicated political situation in Italy. I studied the masterpieces inside the most popular museums like Uffizi and Accademia, but I also discovered many hidden interesting places that I look forward to showing you very soon.

We are working hard at our property in Siena to renovate outdoors, and I have to thank only my mum with all my heart for her incredible job.

Last news:

Not well publicized is the next exhibition in Pienza, San Quirico and Montepulciano from March to June; come to discover the best painters in Siena and the province during 16th century…stay tuned for more details!

Hope to see you soon

All my best


P.S. In the pic I’m with my mother and my sister! And the other pic I’m with my mother and with her cousin Simonetta Valiani at Vinitaly.