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High season has come!

High season has come!

I’m very busy as tour guide, expecially in Siena, but also in San Gimignano and in Pienza; high season has already started and I’m happy to work in my beautiful hometown. In March and April I had a lot of school trips from italian schools, very challenging with big groups from elementary school to groups of teenagers.

I have to thank the groups of italian tourists, together we discovered a lot, we learnt together many things about Italy, we should visit all our beautiful regions. I thank all the foreigns from all around the world ( Canada, Australia, Florida, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, Georgia, Maine, Oregon, Colorado, Chicago) I’m very lucky because all the people I meet every day ( sometimes 3 tours per day!) they are always relaxed and happy to listen to me, to enjoy with me every story I’m going to tell them and they understand the importance of being with a local guide.

Also in the past few days Obama visited Siena, inside the Duomo, its museum, he enjoyed the view from “il Facciatone” and wathched the stunning frescoes in the townhall in “Piazza del Campo”. Follow his love for our country!

In the meanwhile I became a I.A.P. (professional agricultural entrepeneur) after an exam at the region Tuscany, that means that I work for our family business, our production of organic olive oil, and we are going to add around 400 olive trees in our property in San Ansano ( 30 minutes far from Siena), thanks to the european funds. I will do my first tour in Firenze in June ( fingers crossed) , I’m very excited and there is so much to know! Now I have many contacts for my job in Siena ( as being part of Centro Guide di Siena and with hotels and other “agriturismi”) and in its province but I would like to improve my knowledge in Firenze.

We renovate a lot here in Santa Chiara in Siena where I live –we have a new pool!!

Come to visit us soon



In the pic I’m with two young ladies from Vancouver in a walking tour, behind us the stunning church of Provenzano.

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Sara McDougall
28 November 2017 04:57

Claudia was an exceptional tour guide and I highly recommend her! Her city tour of Siena was wonderful. We saw so many things and learned so much about this beautiful and fascinating city. It was the highlight of our visit to Siena.