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Siena classic tour

If it’s your first time in Siena, you can’t miss a walking tour around the city to admire its highlights. To begin with, the Cathedral is a must-see. Our main church, which is one of the most stunning in Italy (I guess you have visited many churches in Italy but believe me when I tell tell you, not because I’m from Siena, but because it’s really gorgeous!).

The impressive enlayed marble floor is unique in the world (remember that it can be seen uncovered from late August until late October only), and many great artists (such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Bernini, Donatello and many others) contributed to the building. The best- known spot is Piazza del Campo, the main square where the Palio takes place — the most ancient and exciting horserace in the world. Siena’ medieval streets, squares and palaces are built upon three hills; the “Via Francigena”, the main pilgrimage route in the Middle Age, cuts across the city from the northern gate through the southern gate.

We will have the chance to meet local people such as a retired marble artist who restored the Cathedral’s floor and still works on marble art crafts with me in this picture in his art workshop!

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