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If you are already familiar with the city, I will show you one of my favourite less-known museums, that is the “Biccherne” in the State Archive, from which you’ll have a vivid glimpse into the heart of the city from its oldest financial records.

We will also explore the Palio in depth by visiting one of the 17 neighbourhoods that make up the city (“Contrada”) and its museum, church and horse stall, and meeting local people whowill display all their genuine passion. You will discover that the Cathedral is a huge complex, with the Baptistery, the hidden Crypt, the Museum (where the original masterpieces by Giovanni Pisano and Duccio di Buoninsegna are kept), and you’ll get the best view of Siena from the top of the unfinished façade called “Facciatone”. Right in front of the Cathedral, we’ll admire the most ancient hospital in Europe, now turned into a unique museum, whose frescoes illustrate how people lived inside the hospital throughout several centuries. 

Not to mention wine tasting in a very special wine shop that features not only a remarkable selection of local wines but also an Etruscan tomb dated VI century B.C.! Tiny alleys, hidden fountains, scenic views, secret gardens: you will fall you in love with Siena.

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