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I’m from Siena and, as all Sienese, and I’m not only from Siena, but from a Contrada as well, that is “Aquila”, the Eagle! When I was still a baby, I was baptised in the Eagle; on that occasion, I received my own official scarf that I wear every year throughout the Palio days; needless to say, I will be from the Eagle for the rest of my life! Accordingly, I will be only too happy to show you my “contrada”, its gorgeous buildings and churches, its museum, the horse stall, and the fountain in front of which every year babies are baptised.

If you are interested in the Palio, I can find tickets for you to watch the parade and the race from a balcony, a window, or a stall, on July 2 nd and August 16 th , as well as tickets for a very special event that takes place the night before the race, that is a dinner in my “contrada”. On that evening, we will meet our Captain and jockey and, if we are lucky, we will run into the only woman in history who took part in the race,  back in 1957: Rosanna Bonelli, aka “Rompicollo” – here in the picture with me !

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